Mold Maintenance

We take care of our customers and their molds. That’s why we have a multi-level mold maintenance program for all molds in our care.

We start by inspecting and cleaning all molds prior to each production run. We keep a continuous touch on each mold and its maintenance requirements by engaging our IQMS software. This allows us to track all maintenance performed on a tool and counts the number of shots a tool has run since its last scheduled maintenance. All maintenance is scheduled to ensure mold functionality and the production of quality plastic parts. The strength of our maintenance program often keeps our customers’ tooling producing high quality molded parts long after the expected life of the mold has been exceeded.

Mold Storage

Proper storage of your mold makes a significant difference in production yield percentages and in mold maintenance costs and longevity. That’s why we take the utmost care in preparing molds for storage between production runs. We store all molds in a climate controlled building and we have multiple Kardex mold storage systems which eliminate excessive contact and handling, keeping molds in their peak condition.

Mold Transfers

OTP regularly manages successful mold transfers that keep your production lines running without interruption. We’re confident we can help you transfer your molds to our facilities smoothly and without delay.

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