Tooling and Mold Builds

From simple to exquisite, we build high functioning tools and molds you can’t afford to have manufactured anywhere else.

We have been in the industry for over half a century, so we have a profound understanding of what it takes to build high quality, long lasting tools with optimal performance levels. Our Class A toolmakers and tool designers work closely with our pressroom personnel to resolve processing issues throughout a molds’ entire production life. We use only the highest qualities of tool steel and we insert safety features into your mold to ensure it continues to run at its optimal level without incurring damage.

To improve your production yield, lower your product cost and meet your quality standards, we are also able to help design and build any necessary fixtures and gages.


  • Multi-shot, two shot mold
  • Over mold tooling
  • Micro-mold tooling
  • Robotics-assisted manufacturing
  • Hot runner tooling
  • Insert mold tooling
  • Multi-cavity collapsible and expandable core molds
  • Multi-cavity unscrewing molds
  • Mold revisions
  • Repairs
  • Changeovers
  • Fixtures
  • Gages
  • Safety features